Ka’llure is built on a belief that jewellery has a magnetism, a power force... It's alluring. It captures you, pulls you in and most of all the allure makes you “have to have it”. There is just something about the piece; it speaks to you, and once you have it, it's a treasure you keep forever and when you bring it out for all to see, you can't help but want to share it's story...


Ka’llure designs and creates jewellery for dynamic, boldly creative women and men who fearlessly follow their hearts, and are drawn to Ka'llure's playful take on modern, yet vintage inspired luxury. Rooted in the ease of casual sophistication, with a focus on quality, craftsmanship and unique design, we celebrate classic ideas of beauty and timeless elegance with an emphasis on vintage and art deco inspired designs. Ka’llure’s pieces are designed to become an extension of the person wearing it; a symbol of luck, celebration and love. It’s not just how it looks, it’s how it makes you feel. We’re curators of fine jewellery, made in Australia with only the finest of materials. Our distinct vintage-inspired style captures lines and techniques from another time, redelivering them in a distinctive modern, yet timeless elegance. Each design encapsulates more than the beauty of its physical materials; it’s all about embedding your story in amongst the sparkly facets so you can wear your story with style. Enjoy roaming our online galleries featuring examples of our custom designed pieces and curated collections.

 Jewellery is the acknowledgement of someone or something special; it's about recognition and appreciation, a celebration, a cherished moment, a milestone, an achievement and most importantly it’s the knowing you’re loved, all wrapped up in a precious piece created just for you. We create more than beautiful jewellery…. we make memories you keep forever.


No two Ka'llure pieces are ever alike

" We pride ourselves in offering the right service for all the unique circumstances each of our clients require "


Ka'llure has accumulated over 13 years of experience in all aspects of the jewellery industry; honing a particular set of skills, many of them forgotten techniques taken from the past. We are loving precisians, instilling our passion for bringing romance back into jewellery-making; utilising antique ways of applying a finish, a patina or a detail which can only be achieved by understanding and mastering these specific techniques.


We're nurture & respect that each of our clients are different, so is their piece, and so will be the service they receive.

Jewellery is such a special thing, it’s about your connection to your piece, the past cherished meaning hidden amongst the sparkly facets or it’s about the love and memories you want to build into the new piece that we are creating just for you. Either way we take you on a journey unique to your story, desires and personality. Because after all, it’s about what matters to you. Decadence and sophistication work hand-in-hand when they are crafted carefully. We take the essence of our inspiration and combine them with the stories and ideas our clients give us, meticulously crafting each piece to blend modern and classic, creating something truly unique. We also understand the value of a well-worn and well-loved piece, so our services extend to the restoration and rejuvenation of your old and treasured jewellery. We take great pride in customising your unique and personal piece, or breathing new life and vitality back into an old love.

There is nothing better than the delighted sounds when someone is gifted one of our beautiful pieces, or the look on a client’s face when we unveil their rejuvenated, invaluable family heirloom. Browse our extensive & diverse range of services and be sure to ask us how we can tailor each of them to your own personal needs.

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