Hi There... I’m Kara Breadmore, founder and director of Ka'llure, Melbourne based jewellery design and manufacturer. If I’m not designing jewellery, I’m making it, and if I’m not making it, I’m buying it, and if I’m not buying it I’m dreaming of it. I come from a fashion design background prior to stepping into jewellery, and truly feel that jewellery changes you. It's the centre of your style spirit.  After 14 years in the game, I still can’t believe I wake every day to do what I love.


Established in 2005, Ka'llure is built on more than the jewellery house and atelier clients visit for sparkly jewels; it's a space where dreams are fulfilled, stories are shared and memories are made. For me it’s the sentimentality of the piece, but mostly the precious moments that come with the journey. It’s the happy tears, the gasps, the love and the connection I get to share with my clients during this incredibly personal and beautiful time in their lives. I get great joy out of knowing this piece will be with them for a lifetime, and that I played a role in their story. 


Anyone that knows me, knows I love to giggle, and am often referred to as a bubble of energy. Meeting with new clients and revisiting existing ones to begin designing a new piece is what I see as a fun adventure that can often involve, wine, coffee and loads of laughter. 


I'm incredibly passionate about supporting others, channelling my gratitude for how fortunate I am into using my jewellery as a vehicle to give back to charities and organisations who stand for positive change and provide the less fortunate with hope. I'm also devoted to working alongside other passionate women, and love a good old collaboration because you learn so much from others, and it never ceases to amaze me what comes out of a collective of creatives when they're all working towards a common goal.


I think of myself as a story teller, not just a jewellery maker. I always look forward to the happy squeals when a client sees their ring for the first time, a juicy proposal story, or the way her eyes light up after he buys her a new sparkly something for bringing their child into the world. If you’re reading this and we haven’t met yet, I can’t wait to meet you but if we have... I can’t wait for our next jewellery adventure together. Jewellery is a celebration always...  So let’s go celebrate.