Here at Ka’llure we do things a little differently. We love to make you feel special and unique, and to provide you with the opportunity to share in the design process in a way that makes you feel heard and really valued. We want to share this experience with you in an environment that makes you feel comfortable, and at a time that works around your life.


We’re so passionate about how the process makes you feel, and we truly understand and are actively mindful of the fact that every one of our clients is different. We understand that life is busier than ever, so we tailor everything to fit around your lives and hectic schedule, providing an environment that is empowering, stimulating and convenient. We work with an open mind to fit in with your personal & varying needs, and provide you with the comfort and ease to begin our very special journey in a location of your choosing. The following is a general outline of some of the steps we may take on the way to creating your piece.


At Ka’llure we recognise and nurture that custom designing a piece of jewellery is about far more than the physical object itself.



Getting to know you

We begin with unearthing and discovering your ‘why’ first. Understanding and exploring this is the platform for beginning your journey. We start the process with a meet and greet/get to know you session, where we can find out about each other, discuss inspiration, ideas, gemstone and diamond options, budget and the potential design direction. Weaving your inspiration, your stories and personality together. Whether it’s in the comfort of your home, the privacy of your office, or on site visiting our workshop studio, we want you to feel completely supported and excited by the process. For custom designed pieces, Ka’llure is by private appointment only.



design development

After our first ‘get to know you’ session we take away your inspiration along with our ideas and findings from our time spent together. Depending on the individual design and how much progress was made at this point, steps are taken to develop what was discussed. We create a personalised mood board with a new, focused inspiration for further discussion, or if a mood board is unnecessary, we move directly on to developing a selection of final design concepts. These are then presented in the next consultation. This stage can take anywhere from two weeks to two months depending on the complexity of the design, and the individual circumstances surrounding the process.



Diamond and Gemstone Selection

Once a final design is selected, we meticulously source the perfect stone/s from our diverse community of local, interstate or international diamond and gemstone merchants. After a selection of gems or diamonds is gathered, we bring the stones in for a private viewing. This is always a very special and exciting stage in the process of creating a custom design piece. Seeing a stone in real life and having the opportunity to personally select that special one that speaks to you is such a powerful moment.





Now that we have established a relationship, we have a mutual understanding and excitement for the project ahead, your design is chosen and stone options have been presented, a formal quote or quote options will be created for your consideration. After a go ahead has been received, a deposit will be requested to commence working on the piece. This is the last step before we take over and start the process of creating your unique piece.




We’ve now worked through your inspiration, resolved the final design, you’ve picked out the perfect stones for your piece and made your deposit. It's at this point that it’s time for us to say good-bye, but just for a little while, and the making and building of the piece begins. Turnaround times vary significantly depending on the individual design, but generally average from 3-8 weeks. We always work with you to meet your specific deadlines and due dates. Special arrangements will be made to successfully meet these when reasonable and possible.




Because there’s nothing like actually holding, touching and trying on your design, we invite you to be a part of the making of any final decisions during the construction, letting us get the fit and the look just right. Not every client will be able, or want to utilise this step of the process, as so many pieces of jewellery tend to go hand in hand with surprising someone special. However for some, a finger size may need altering or the design may require tweaking. It’s an opportunity for a fitting before all the stones go into the piece, and allows you go have input into the construction before it’s completed.




It’s time to collect your special piece. All of our completed designs can either be hand delivered if requested, or sent via courier/post as per your specific requests, or personally collected by appointment at our workshop studio. Your special piece will come in one of our iconic bright orange Ka’llure boxes and bags. Alongside your piece, you’ll receive a folder full of every special detail you need to know about your purchase, from the technical drawing to your jewellery care guidelines, and everything in between.



Get in touch

While this is the general outline of how it all works when creating a custom made piece at Ka’llure, we also know that every story, every piece and every person is different. We’re always open to requests, ideas and unique ways of approaching things. Don’t hesitate to share your thoughts once you’ve taken the first step to connect with us, we love to help you think outside the box! The one thing that never changes is our passion towards making the experience an easy, fun and most of all a memorable one.