Jewellery survives through great love stories, epic adventures, wars, battles and generations of misuse and misunderstanding until it is revived, remembered or simply re-invented. It is a sturdy little structure that encapsulate so much more than just what you see. It is a family heirloom, a bargaining tool, a promise, a thank you, the marking of a momentous occasion, a celebration of a loved one or even a lost one.


Ka'llure has accumulated over 13 years of experience in all aspects of the jewellery industry; honing a particular set of skills, many of them forgotten techniques taken from the past. We are loving precisians, instilling our passion for bringing romance back into jewellery making; utilizing antique ways for applying a finish, a patina or a specific detail which can only be achieved by years of understanding and mastering these distinctive techniques.

Jewellery is such a special thing, it’s all about your personal connection to your piece, the past cherished meaning hidden in amongst the sparkly facets or the memories you want to build lovingly into the new piece that we are creating just for you. Either way we take you on a journey unique to your story, desires and personality. Because after all… it’s about what matters to you. There is nothing better than the delighted sounds when someone is gifted one of our beautiful pieces, or the look on a client’s face when we unveil their rejuvenated invaluable family heirloom. Browse our extensive & diverse range of services and be sure to ask us how we can tailor each of them to your own personal needs.



Custom Design

We design for those that seek elegance and luxurious sophistication in their custom designed piece. Reflecting your personal style, story and spirit, we take you on a journey of self expression, embedding your story amongst the sparkly facets. We get so much joy from building relationships with our clients, ensuring your piece is intertwined with your identity. Each piece is designed and crafted meticulously by our award winning jewellers, pouring into it the love and inspiration that we gather through the special journey that we take you on. Our custom design service covers all budgets and styles of jewellery, and is only limited by ones imagination.



Has your dearest Grandma passed down her precious old jewels to you but they’re just not quite your style? Maybe your Mum’s decided to kindly part with her dated old ring that is screaming to be unset and re-desiged. Or perhaps you’ve inherited a collection of pieces that you’ve always wanted to combine and make into one special piece. Let us give an old gem a new home by re-building the sentimental meaning and embedding the history of your story back into your new treasured piece. At Ka’llure we’re more than happy to work with your existing diamonds and gems.



We completely understand the sentimental & personal connection that people have with their jewels, so we treat your precious heirlooms, keepsakes or beloved treasures with the care & attention they deserve. Our team understands the intricate and delicate nature of restoring an old piece, and our master jewellers are uniquely skilled in the specific techniques required to breathe new life back into your cherished jewels and see them glisten once again. Renovate, Rejuvenate, Revive and Restore. 



Sometimes we keep our perfectly beautiful jewels tucked away in a drawer just because they need a little love and attention. Our repair services cover a large range of general repairs, but more specifically include ring resizing, claw re-tipping, polish & rhodium plating, stone re-setting, gemstone & diamond replacement and many more. A formal quote will be provided before repairs are commenced.



Allow us to find, source, gather and select the best just for you. Our VIP personal shopping service is for those that seek the extreme and complete personal experience. Allow us to take you on a first class adventure, from visiting diamond mines to gemstone prospectors for an up close experience and unforgettable story to tell about the acquisition of your precious gemstone or diamond? Perhaps you’d like to meet the person who’ll be meticulously hand cutting your stone after you've selected from a collection of rough crystals acquired exclusively just for you ? Be a part of your special piece in a way like never before. We fly all over the world to find you your dream gemstone or diamond knowing that our expertise, experience and extensive pool of exclusive suppliers means we can hand pick and select the best of the best just for you. For more information about this service please contact us.



More than ever we understand the complex and busy lives we all lead in this modern and hectic world. We’re constantly striving to make things easier and more flexible for our clients. So let us come to you. Be it in the comfort of your own home, the privacy of your office or a location of your choosing, we can meet you after hours and weekends depending on availability, giving you more flexibility and opportunity to share in the exciting time of designing a piece. Perhaps you’re extremely time poor and you struggle to leave your office during business hours. Maybe you’d really love your partner, a family member or a friend to come and join you in your design consultation, but it’s impossible to get them together during business hours. Or perhaps you have little ones and it’s just a nightmare to pack them up or arrange a babysitter. When and wherever it suits, let us make the journey to you so the process of designing your special piece is a treasured memory.



We hunt and gather the rare, the most exquisite and the most sought after diamonds and gems from around the world, fulfilling your personal dream requests. Once a selection of gems or diamonds is sourced, we invite you to share in the process of selecting that ‘special one’ that speaks to you. Where possible we consciously and actively work alongside suppliers who are committed to ethical mining and conflict free materials and continually network with new suppliers to expand our extensive pool of vendors in this area.


Hand Technical Drawing

To visually communicate the composition, construction and feel of your custom piece, we create detailed hand drawings to illustrate each design concept for consideration, helping to align the final design and direction. These drawings are created from our passion to connect with your story, and upon completion we provide all of our clients with a copy of their chosen drawing, a beautiful memento of the journey you undertake in the creation of your piece. 


Computer Aided Design

Some clients choose to utilise our CAD (Computed Aided Design) service to really help visualise their unique piece. We illustrate your concept using 3D technology by providing a fully rendered drawing from every angle, allowing you to completely understand the features and formation of your design. A 3D wax model can also be printed for a complete inspection and then cast into metal of your choosing from the design file.



Everyone comes from a family, but not every family has a family crest. Let us custom design your very own personal and unique family crest to tell your story to pass down from generation to generation. We take you on a journey; uncovering your beliefs, unveiling your past & exploring your future. We embed aspects of your story & heritage through the discovery of what is meaningful to you, your family and your loved ones. A truly unique opportunity to start your own tradition.



We use only the leading gemological laboratories around the world such as GIA (Gemological Institute of America), HRD (Diamond High Council Antwerp) and GSL (Gem Studies Laboratory Sydney) to provide identification for loose gemstones and diamonds. If you have a treasure you are curious about, we can un-set and re-set stones for identification, and provide you with a formal certification.



If you have a damaged gemstone or diamond that you are not ready to part with, our team are extremely skilled in re-cutting and re-polishing chipped and broken jewels. We also source raw & rough specimens to custom cut into various shapes and sizes depending on the nature of the design brief. 



To further personalise your beautiful piece, we provide and apply intricate hand engraved detail as a service, so your jewels will hold extra meaning for that special someone. Our engraving is all done by hand, using the classical techniques and tools combined with decades of experience using Australia’s most gifted artisans, specialising in antique and vintage patterns. 



Are your precious jewels lacking a little luster or looking a bit tired? Maybe the rhodium platting has worn off or oxidization has set in leaving your piece tarnished and discoloured. So many people forget how incredibly sparkly and beautiful their piece once was on the day they received it. Make an appointment for us to inspect your piece, where we will discuss the appropriate solution and technique to clean and polish your treasured item and bring it back to life. 



A little like hand-engraving, diamond laser inscribing allows out clients to once again further personalize their beautiful piece. While there are limitations on what & how much can be inscribed on the girdle of a diamond, it’s a unique service to give your piece that extra special meaning. Laser inscription can also act as a security barcode for your diamond, taking the certificate number and inscribing it onto the girdle of your diamond means you can always be sure it’s yours. 



You may have more in your collection that you know. Allow us to assist you in the sometimes-overwhelming process of sorting through your family’s estate. Hiding amongst the collection can be treasures that people can often mistake as costume jewellery, or inexpensive pieces. We will help you identify what is valuable and what isn’t, so you and your family can have peace of mind in making an informed decision on how to distribute the estate.



Are you intrigued about a particular piece in your collection that you would like to explore the value of or know some more about? We provide our clients with a formal certificate of valuation for a variety of purposes including insurance replacement, family law, probate or market values.



Are you travelling overseas and planning to take a gift to a loved one? Perhaps you’re proposing to the love of your life who lives in another country?? Or maybe you’re visiting, and plan on leaving the country within 60 days of the purchase date of your piece. We provide all visitors and travellers with a GST refundable invoice for purchases over $300. For further information to see if you qualify, visit https://www.border.gov.au/Trav/Ente/Tour/Are-you-a-traveller or enquire with us during your purchase.



Are you a little stuck with how to give your partner that extra push towards proposing with the 'right ring design' without coming across as trying to control everything? Well we’ve got the perfect solution for you. We know all too well that so many of you have Pinterest boards flooded with valuable inspiration about your dream ring, but you just don’t know how to direct your loved one towards it without making them feel overwhelmed, or like you're trying to hi-jack your own proposal. Invite us to join your secret ‘ring inspiration board’ so when they come our way we already have a very clear vision of what you're dying for your loved one to know. Of course your secret’s safe with us…. this board will simply mean we’re one step ahead and can gently guide your partner in the right direction, so the end result is influenced by your inspiration. If required, email or phone us to discuss this service in greater detail. We promise you’ll thank us later…